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Monday, July 18, 2011

Aprons, skirts and dresses - OH MY!

So this coming Thursday, July 21, is the next Art Stroll in downtown Huntsville.  It is from 4:30 to 8:30 pm.  What will Beth, Sarah, Amanda and I have to sell?  Well......

These are great for working in the yard, going to yard sales, quick shopping trips, and if you are like me - teaching school.  I keep my sunglasses and a pen in the tall pocket, my cell or watch, a notepad, tissues for all those runny noses and hand sanitizer in the smaller pockets.


These skirts are one of kind, fun, funky and cute as they can be.  Some are made using vintage linens and because of this there may be worn stains - but consider they show the love of years of wear.

Each dress and skirt is embellished with a quilted heart, on the skirts these are on the back hip, on the dresses they are usually on the back bodice but may be found on other areas.  The hearts are because I put my heart into making each of these special items.


There are a number of different fabrics to choose from but at the June Art Stroll the hands down favorite was .........

The cowboy dress!
I have spent the last month making variations of this dress and have at least 1 in every size from size 2 up to size 8.


Life is too short to wear boring clothes,
You are one of a kind, shouldn't your clothes be?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Bryson loves to work with his hands, so do I

Picked up a birdfeeder kit at Lowe's several months back thinking Bryson might enjoy putting it together sometime.  We had several hours last week where he didn't really have anything to do and was puttering around.  So I dug around until I found this and we got started.

Unlike most males in this universe he actually read and followed the directions, which were very well written.  He layed every piece out to make sure every part was accounted for including every teeny tiny nail!

Each and every piece accounted for and carefully put together.

All done, PERFECT!

Hung and ready for the birds!  Took less than a day for the birds to find the feeder, now to just keep it filled with birdseed.  My handsome grandson did a great job, I'm so proud of him.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summertime, OH, it's summertime!

So, what says summer to you?  The longer days, the baseball games that seem to never end, the flip flops you can now wear everyday.....

                                       I think maybe it is the clothes hanging outside on the line. Of course I'm probably the only person around who actually hangs clothes outside.  Took me a long time to find a great clothesline I could use inside or out!

Or it could be the feel of the soil on your hands as you plant your new flowers for the season. 
And the colors that just pop!

Of course it could also be that I finally have the time to piddle at the things I love to do, like sew.

This is one of the skirts I am making to see, hopefully, at the ArtStroll in downtown Huntsville this summer.  They are fun, breezy little skirts that are so fun to make.

But the truth is that even though summer is all of these things and more, the best part of summer is having the time to spend with my favorite people!

Aidan and Jordan
Martha Cate

and even Bryson, Josie and Ellie (who I can't find recent pictures of!)

So what is summer to you????????


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got the sewing bug

Been sewing for my girls and having a good time playing with different fabrics.  Found a book back last August that I just "HAD" to have.  It is called Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt and it is wonderful.  It has a dress, coat and skirt pattern.  But the cool thing is how many variations they show you how to make just using these simple patterns.  My problem is that after purchasing the book I realised how many gathered ruffles there were - yikes!  I hate to gather.  So for Christmas Tony bought me a ruffler for my machine and WOW now I can turn these things out rather quickly.

Little Miss Prissy here only likes dresses that 'twirl'.  So after making her mom and skirt by the patterns in the book I took leftovers and made a twirly dress for little priss! 

This pattern is by PortabelloPixie and makes up very quickly and looks great.  And how much fun to match mom.  Now she wants here American Girl dolls to have dresses to match  her and her mom.  Don't know how far I can make those scraps stretch!

Of course if you have a new dress you also need a new hairdo.  This is the scrunched look for the day, she really thought she looked cute.  Thing is....so did I!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And again, and again, and again!

So here we are at out 5th measurable snow for the season.  That is 5 more than usual and it is only Feb. 9.  What happend to global warming??????

Here's to Spring!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow again? Really????????

So here we go again, we have missed 5 days of school since the beginning of this month.  And they are calling for snow again tonight.  Do we know what is going to happen tonight?  No. Have they already postponed school for 2 and a half hours tomorrow - you betcha! 

We live in the South for a reason, we like warm weather!  Snow should come one day and be gone by no later than 2 days later.  And none of this nasty brown stuff left after a day or two.

I think I'm ready to move further south!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

MC and the compost

MC said she wanted to help me empty the compost bucket into the compost bin, but then after hauling the bucket down the steps,

we weren't so sure that is really something to be messed with.

But our garden, although planted, needs extra nutrients so here we go.

we start dumping,

and most of it goes into the compost bin, but then you have to actually pick up the "stuff" that missed.


Then you need to add water,

which when you are only 3 years old is really alot of fun!

Then you have to mix everything together

Gosh that was hard work


What a funny girl!!!!!!