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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got the sewing bug

Been sewing for my girls and having a good time playing with different fabrics.  Found a book back last August that I just "HAD" to have.  It is called Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt and it is wonderful.  It has a dress, coat and skirt pattern.  But the cool thing is how many variations they show you how to make just using these simple patterns.  My problem is that after purchasing the book I realised how many gathered ruffles there were - yikes!  I hate to gather.  So for Christmas Tony bought me a ruffler for my machine and WOW now I can turn these things out rather quickly.

Little Miss Prissy here only likes dresses that 'twirl'.  So after making her mom and skirt by the patterns in the book I took leftovers and made a twirly dress for little priss! 

This pattern is by PortabelloPixie and makes up very quickly and looks great.  And how much fun to match mom.  Now she wants here American Girl dolls to have dresses to match  her and her mom.  Don't know how far I can make those scraps stretch!

Of course if you have a new dress you also need a new hairdo.  This is the scrunched look for the day, she really thought she looked cute.  Thing is....so did I!


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