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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bryson loves to work with his hands, so do I

Picked up a birdfeeder kit at Lowe's several months back thinking Bryson might enjoy putting it together sometime.  We had several hours last week where he didn't really have anything to do and was puttering around.  So I dug around until I found this and we got started.

Unlike most males in this universe he actually read and followed the directions, which were very well written.  He layed every piece out to make sure every part was accounted for including every teeny tiny nail!

Each and every piece accounted for and carefully put together.

All done, PERFECT!

Hung and ready for the birds!  Took less than a day for the birds to find the feeder, now to just keep it filled with birdseed.  My handsome grandson did a great job, I'm so proud of him.


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